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Robinson Trio

Nearly 35 years after its debut at the White House, The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio continues to bring technical mastery, expressive depth, and magnetism to the concert stage. Carnegie Hall commemorated their 30th Anniversary in 2007 with a concert in Stern Auditorium. Richard Danielpour devoted a piano quartet in honor of the anniversary, which has become a part of their extensive repertoire. One of today’s most beloved ensembles, these three artists share their passion for music with audiences worldwide.

New works written for the Trio include: Zwilich (1987); Silverman (1989); Kirchner (1993)/ Pärt (1993); Danielpour (2000); Tower (2003); Danielpour Quartet with Viola (2006); Zwilich Septet with the Miami Quartet (World Premiere 2009); Zwilich Bass Quintet (2011); Previn Trio (2012 - sponsored by the Music Accord Consortium).

CD releases of The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio are available on KOCH International Classics. The catalog includes newly commissioned works for the Trio as well as re-releases of the group’s hallmark recordings from their past thirty years of making music together. Their most current release features the complete trios of Brahms.

Friends of Music Concert Repertoire:

Beethoven--Opus Posthumous

Danielpour--"Inventions on a Marriage", for violin and cello (Commissioned by the New Orleans Friends of Music, inter alia)

Zwillich--Piano Trio (Composed for the K/L/R Piano Trio.)

Brahms, Piano Trio, Opus 8

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